Containers can also be used for temperature-sensitive products like food and pharmaceuticals, requiring careful temperature monitoring during shipment — a difficult task that is made easier by refrigerated trucks.

What is reefer shipping?

A refrigerator truck, also known as “reefer,” is a freight transportation service that specializes in the delivery of perishable items requiring temperature-controlled transport.


What is a cold chain?

The term “cold chain” refers to storing and transporting products at the appropriate refrigeration temperatures. To transport items from their original source to their final destination, cold chains include numerous procedures that ensure that the perishables stay fresh.

Why do you need reefers for a cold chain?

Refrigerated containers are an important link in the supply chain, and they provide a solution that usually ranges from -30°C to +25°C. International shipments of temperature-sensitive items would be impossible without these reefers.

How does reefer freight work?

A generator powers the reefers during truck shipping. A container may have a built-in or external generator. Simply put, a reefer uses heat to keep items cold. The top of the container is heated before it reaches the refrigeration unit, which causes warm air at the top of the container to flow back to the refrigeration unit over the cargo and chill for return to the interior.

How do you pack a refrigerated container?

When goods are stored in a reefer, they mustn’t hang over any pallets. The boxes should also have vents so that the air can flow vertically from the bottom of the container. Because the products in a refrigerated container must be kept cool, it’s best to use a dedicated cooling facility where they are pre-cooled before being loaded into the reefer. Call GTO 2000 today so we can help you make the best shipment for your refrigerated goods!

How can you set the temperature in a reefer?

The most essential element of a refrigerator container is its temperature control. The reefer would be unable to maintain a healthy holding temperature for food, medicines, and chemicals if this function was disabled. This might result in waste or even dangerous reactions. You can set the temperature and other settings by using the control unit located on the outside of the container.

What is the capacity of a reefer truck?

The capacity of a reefer container varies with the products you’re keeping or transporting, the unit’s age, and the manufacturer. Small product batches or pharmaceutical supply lots, for example, require little area, but big shipments of produce and dangerous chemicals require plenty of storage space. Containers range in length from 20 to 40 feet, but their total volume is less than the exterior because of the refrigeration equipment taking up space inside the container.

How much does a reefer cost?

The price of a reefer container varies greatly. Check to see whether the size of the container you choose is adequate for your current requirements. Different types of refrigerated containers are used for various reasons, so we help you pick the best one before shipping.

Some of the different reefers we work with within GTO 2000 are:

-Ultra-low temperature refrigerated containers
-Offshore DNV containers
-Explosion-proof refrigerated containers
-Dual refrigerated containers

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