To ship items that are too tall, wide, or heavy for routine freight shipping, GTO 2000 uses flatbed trailers.

GTO 2000 transports freight through its assets and a nationwide network of local, regional, and long-distance carriers to ensure that your goods arrive on time.

GTO 2000 handles your flatbed routes effectively.

Flatbed trucks aren’t all created equal. There are several distinct styles and sizes to choose from.

Flatbeds are ideal for large items that would overwhelm a semi with an enclosed body. They can quickly and simply be loaded by drivers.

You can trust GTO 2000 to handle every one of your flatbed shipping needs. We have the experience and resources to get your freight delivered on time and in good condition.

If you have any questions or would like a free, no-obligation quote, please call us. Thank you for choosing GTO 2000!


What is a flatbed truck?

A flatbed truck is a large vehicle without any sides or roof around the bed, and its body is flat. These trucks are commonly used to transport heavy goods that cannot be damaged in inclement weather or on difficult roadways.

Who needs flatbeds for transportation?

Flatbed trucks are essential to any fleet operation, and whether you’re in transportation, construction, or basic production, this equipment is important to every business.

Flatbed trucks are frequently used for transporting big loads or products with unusual shapes.

Flatbeds are essential in the world of towing, farming, or waste management even if your business doesn’t demand you to move what may be considered generic freight such as crates or steel.

What are the benefits of a flatbed?

Flatbed trucks are designed to carry huge weights. They can handle significant weights that would be too heavy for trailers or other vehicles.

Flatbeds are often more spacious, making them better suited to haul heavy items than traditional lorries. Because they may carry such a large amount of cargo, flatbeds are also preferable for transporting bulky objects since there will be fewer trips back and forth. You’ll also have an easier time handling huge, oddly-shaped loads.

What kinds of flatbeds are best for transportation?

Stake trucks: Flatbed trucks with detachable poles along the sides make it simpler to secure cargo.
Drop-side trucks: When needed, some flatbed trucks have hinged sides that may be lowered or removed.
Detachable trailers: Flatbed trucks may have the bed permanently attached to the cab or the flatbed portion can be a detachable trailer.

What is the height of a flatbed?

Flatbed trailers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and features. In addition to the more common flatbed trucks with uniform bed heights, there are specific flatbed vehicles with variances in height.

What is a gooseneck flatbed?

Most of the weight of the trailer is placed over the truck’s rear axle rather than its frame, reducing sway and increasing room.

What is a step-deck flatbed?

A step deck trailer, often known as a drop-deck or lowboy trailer, is a commercial vehicle with a high load capacity that may not be carried on a conventional flatbed due to its height. Permitting requirements are avoided since the transport of tall goods on a step deck does not require one.

What are double drop trailers?

A lowboy or RGN, sometimes known as a double drop trailer, is a specialist trailer with several unique functions. The deck design on double-drop trailers is quite distinctive, as it is designed to serve the oversize and overweight (heavy-haul) trucking sector.

How long is a flatbed truck?

This is a simple question, yet it has many answers. Trailer-type flatbeds come in all sizes and shapes. The usual length of a trailer-type flatbed is 48 feet long. Most standard flatbed trucks are 8′ -6″ wide; anything wider will need special permits to operate.

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