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Driver Wellness

Driver wellness: Keeping mind and body strong on the road Michael Catarevas  For you, a truck driver, going to work each day is a lot different than most people. Your office, in the cab of a truck, is almost always in motion. There’s hardly any time to relax, and for...

Spot Rates Expected to Dip

Spot rates expected to dip ‘sharply’ in 2019 as economic growth stalls James Jaillet  Growth in per-mile rates will likely be minimal in 2019, according to analysts at FTR, with spot market rates expected to slump on a year over year basis and contract rates projected...

War On Detention

The Problem Uncompensated detention is one of the biggest travesties in the industry that plagues our driver community, costs trucking fleets billions, and causes unnecessary costs to society. Uncompensated detention is also one of the fundamental reasons for driver...

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