Expedited trucking is a part of freight transportation that deals with urgent purchases. From a little one-pound fruit delivery to nuclear plant parts, items that must arrive on time, be reloaded, or require delicate handling are all handled by expedited trucking.

Truck types for expedited trucking

GTO 2000 can work with different kinds of trucks depending on the client’s needs. Expedited trucking can use:

Cargo vans: Because the cargo area and cab are joined as a single unit, a cargo van is more comparable to a regular automobile. A cargo van has a sliding side door and large rear doors for loading and unloading goods.
Sprinter vans: The typical cargo van has a cargo area of about 523.6 cubic feet, and many have up to 635.4 cubic feet of storage space. This is more room than you’ll find in any other vehicle. The weight of goods carried by this van could be significant.
Tractor-trailers: A tractor-trailer is a big truck composed of two distinct parts, a tractor and a trailer, which are joined together by metal bars.
Straight trucks: A single-axle truck is one in which all axles are connected to a single frame.


When should I use expedited trucking?

If you’re transporting a time-sensitive load, such as freight that must be on-site on time to avoid a factory from shutting down, for example, expedited trucking is your best choice.

When it comes to sending some items, there is simply no time to lose. Expectations for quick, flexible, and reliable delivery are at an all-time high.

How fast can expedited trucking be?

Consider it this way: anything less than five days would be expedited if it takes you five days to receive your goods on a typical basis. Nonetheless, while the time varies by firm, expedited trucking services generally take between 2 and 3 days, saving a day or two when compared to normal trucking.

What kind of load is safe to send through expedited trucking?

You must match your truck to the goods being carried, making sure you can manage the weight. Expedited freight transportation usually involves only one mode of transport, reducing transit times considerably. You may generally track the shipment at any moment with expedited freight. This convenience allows you to have peace of mind knowing that the important delivery is on schedule.

Are rates higher in expedited trucking?

They would be because you must weigh your gasoline expenses, insurance, accreditation (HAZMAT or TSA), and transportation fees. Yes, expedited delivery is worth the expense if you need goods delivered quickly. Regardless of size, all shipments can be rushed when there is a need for urgency.

We are ready to serve you!

GTO 2000’s accelerated LTL services help you get products to clients as quickly as possible. When needed, your goods will be delivered. You can trust GTO 2000 to handle your expedited trucking needs.

For more information on our expedited trucking services, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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