Larger goods, such as concrete, plumbing supplies, and building materials, are transported using less than truckload freight shipping (LTL), which is used to transport little cargo or when a trailer isn’t required.

What is LTL Shipping?

LTL freight shipping is a cost-effective, dependable, and efficient way to transport items.

Think of LTL shipping as a way to share a ride with other freight. This is called capacity sharing. When you use capacity sharing, it reduces the cost of shipping freight. You are only charged for the space your cargo takes up.

You can use this shipping method when the freight weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds.

The shipper pays for the part of a regular truck trailer that their goods take up when shipping LTL, whereas other shippers and their loads fill the free area.


What are the benefits of LTL freight?

There are several advantages to utilizing LTL transport.

LTL freight must be more secure. Before being loaded onto a truck, most LTL shipments are bundled on pallets. A well-packed pallet has a better probability of remaining safe than multiple small handling units in a shipment.

LTL provides significant cost savings. You just pay for the space of the trailer that is utilized when booking an LTL shipment. The remaining costs are covered by the other occupants of the trailer’s compartment.

LTL tracking is very secure, utilizing the bill of lading number, PRO number, PO number, shipment reference number, and pickup date range.

What are LTL's specialized services?

GTO 2000 specializes in LTL shipments and provides you with a range of services, such as:

More than simply freight pickup or delivery is included in First and Final Mile Services. Inside pickup, packing, and dismantling are just a few examples of first-mile services.
Transporting flammable, corrosive, or toxic substances is called hazardous materials transportation. Your job may entail the movement of fuels, bio-chemicals, or pharmaceuticals. GTO 2000 has specialized hazmat carriers that specialize in hazardous materials transportation.
Notification services can be set up to let you know when the truck is coming to pick up or deliver your shipment.
If you need to send something quickly, there are different levels of shipping services that can get it to the destination in a hurry. The three fastest services are 3-day, 2-day, and overnight shipping.

What are white glove services?

Residential shipments or commercial sites can benefit from white-glove delivery. This service is ideal for products that require extra hands or packaging skills.

What is a guaranteed LTL service?

Guaranteed services include pick-up and delivery, as well as specific demands for a given date or time (e.g., before noon on a Monday or after 5 p.m. on a Friday).

How much will an LTL freight cost?

The cost of an LTL shipment is determined by many criteria, including fuel price, driver compensation, and maintenance. Your shipping cost is determined by factors such as weight, density, classification, and more. Call us today for a free quote from our GTO 2000 experts!

How to optimize LTL freight?

It’s a perplexing problem for almost every shipper: how to send freight that is more than six pallets, but not enough for a complete truckload.

If you only have a partial load to transport, full truckload service may not be an option since there is space on the truck. Freight consolidators can help to improve supply chain efficiency and value when this happens. Call us today at GTO 2000 so we can help you figure this out.

Shippers may lower expenses and pollutants by combining loads into full truckload shipments using LTL. Using LTL to consolidate freight into complete truckload shipments gives shippers the ability to take advantage of transportation networks and volumes.

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