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GTO 2000 Transportation Logistics is Your #1 Source for Freight Hauling

About GTO 2000

He wanted to give our customers the right way and, with that in mind, he set out to fulfill three principles.

He knew that the business would see another 40 years by following these three values. The GTO guarantee, trust, and originality.

GTO Guarantee

We are not only good at what we do, but we always strive to be better. You can count on GTO 2000’s guarantee to provide you with excellence.

GTO Trust

You can count on us to deliver with excellence. Trust GTO 2000 to deliver as promised.

GTO Originality

We like to be different from other logistic companies, we keep it old school with a little bit of modern.

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Local: (770) 287-9233

Toll Free: (800) 966-0801

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