The Problem

Uncompensated detention is one of the biggest travesties in the industry that plagues our driver community, costs trucking fleets billions, and causes unnecessary costs to society.
It’s a problem in the entire country, including Gainesville, Georgia.

Uncompensated detention is also one of the fundamental reasons for driver turnover, and which also contributes greatly to reducing the quality of life for many drivers. “If we want to solve the driver shortage, or mitigate the growing gap between demand and labor supply and protect public safety, we must find ways to end unnecessary wait-time at shippers which contribute to frustration and fatigue.

The Data

According to ELD data that FreightWaves has accumulated from technology partners across the industry, drivers are in uncompensated detention for 7 hours per week, costing trucking fleets as much in $560 per truck/week or nearly $28,000 per year. Across the trucking industry, the bill could be as high as $25B in lost productivity and economic opportunity.

What is the War on Detention?

A promise for companies involved in the freight transportation ecosystem to develop and advance research, initiatives and best practices to mitigate uncompensated detention and increase hour per day driver utilization.

The Goal

FreightWaves along with its University & Association partners along with companies that join the cause are committing, where appropriate, to:

Increasing Hours of Service Driving Utilization from a current average of 6.62 Hours per Day to:

– 7.4 Hours within 24 months

– 8.1 Hours within 60 Months

Identify and communicate specific activities that we will undertake within our business

Empower our employees and associates to identify and execute on solutions to inefficiencies in the supply chain

Acknowledge that doing nothing will lead to growing labor shortage in the trucking industry

Provide resources and/or knowledge for industry initiatives

Consider implementing innovations within our business

The Plan

The FreightWaves Research Institute has secured a number of University partnerships to provide research, technology vendors to provide aggregated ELD data, and industry trade associations that will be the backbone of this initiative. In coming weeks, the Institute will announce the initial partners involve.

We’ll also be rolling out a series of hosted with our Pledge partners across the country and addressing the War on Detention Efforts at events promoted by FreightWaves along with our Association and University partner events and program.

The Pledge

The pledge is for organizations committed to joining the cause and willing to sign-up for the War on Detention. Pledge companies are willing to drive initiatives, conduct research, promote the cause, host Roadshows and more all aimed at eliminating uncompensated detention and driving higher average daily driver utilization hours.