Mark, South Carolina

Finding GTO 2000 to work with has changed my life. When I first thought about becoming an agent for someone, there were three requirements. 

1. They must pay the trucks in a timely manner (I was tired of having trucks say they wouldn’t work for my company because of slow payment.) 

2. They must pay the agents in a timely and trusting fashion. 

3.They must have a solid reputation so that businesses could trust them, and trucks would work for them.

GTO 2000 met and exceeded these requirements. When I post a load, the phone rings off the hook due to the great relationships with trucking companies. When I talk to customers, the credibility GTO 2000 brings to the table helps sell the whole package. And best of all are those commissions. On time, fair percentage, no hassle.

As I said – GTO 2000 changed my life – my relationship is better with my family due to my time available – my stress level is down as I am my own boss – and GTO 2000 handles all the paperwork and bills. What more could you ask for?