Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

GTO 2000, Inc. Celebrates 40 years in the Transportation Logistics Industry.

Founded in 1975 by Tom Cornett, now CEO, GTO 2000, Inc. is a national provider of transportation logistics services. A non-asset-based transportation company, GTO 2000 provides logistics management and freight brokerage services throughout the continental United States and Canada. The 40-year-old Georgia-based family business is located northeast of Atlanta in Gainesville, GA and with a dedicated team of 50+ employees and 20 Agent-Partner Divisions; GTO 2000 provides a network of highly experienced and knowledgeable transportation professionals across the country.

Gregg Gordon, President and Tommy Cornett, CFO continue to set the tone for a company that embodies a proud tradition, strong family values, the highest standards of ethics, and a corporate-wide buzz of anticipation and excitement – signaling even greater success for the next generation of growth at GTO 2000.

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