Carrier Payment Options

Carrier Payment Options

Cash flow is an important issue for every trucking company. Some carriers have addressed their cash flow issues by utilizing factoring companies, and thus end up paying inflated percentages of their receivables. We have alternative payment options that allow you to improve your cash flow, and keep more money in your pocket.

Standard Terms
GTO 2000, Inc. standard payment terms are twenty-three (23) days from receipt of the bills of lading, an invoice, and any receipts associated with the shipment in our corporate office. You may send us all required documentation electronically.

  • Quick-Pay – Complete our quick-pay agreement included in our Carrier Package.
  • 7-day settlement — Settlements are processed and payments submitted within seven (7) days of receipt of invoice and required documentation.
  • No minimum charges/No hidden fees — Many brokers charge a minimum amount for similar programs. We do not charge a minimum fee. We charge four percent (4%) of the amount due.

Document Delivery Options – Send legible copies of paperwork electronically to expedite payment processing. All we ask is that you retain original paperwork for thirty (30) days.

  • E-Mail — Send one attachment per load in either pdf or tif format to
  • TRANSFLO $Velocity and Mobile+ Send via TRANSFLO $Velocity or TRANSFLO Mobile+ at no charge to you by using ID GTOTV or via TRANSFLO Express at more than 1,200 truck stops in North America by using ID GTOT. Click here for more details.
  • USPS — While this is our least preferred method, we will of course accept and process as efficiently as possible any paperwork received via the United States Postal Service.

Payment Delivery Options

  • Direct deposit — We offer the ease and efficiency of electronic funds transfer via ACH at no charge. This means no more “check’s in the mail,” lost checks, mail delay, nor trips to the bank. Depending on your bank, you may receive funds the same day as we release them. Supporting documents will be emailed or faxed according to your preference.
  • Paper check — While not preferred, we will print a check and mail with supporting documents via the United States Postal Service.

For more information, please contact our accounting department at 800-966-0801, option 4.