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Ellen, Massachusetts

It has been an amazing start for me with GTO 2000. First I would like to commend your staff. Without exception, they are the most professional, personable and competent group I have ever come across in one organization.

Pam, Georgia

I have not only found a solid team to work with at GTO 2000, but also a home and a family. GTO has provided me with an outstanding opportunity to run a business and earn a great living. I have only been in the industry for a relatively short period of time, but have been […]

Pat, Arkansas

What I like about GTO 2000 is they have been around for over 35 years. They pay me and my carriers fast, and more importantly, carriers know GTO so they WANT to do loads with us because they know we will pay in a timely fashion. Carriers also know we are a responsible and honest […]

Ben, Utah

GTO 2000 INC. has a very positive approach in working with agents and dealing with problems as they arise. GTO is a stable company with an excellent track record and system for building strong, long-term relationships that have everyone’s best interests at heart.

Mark, South Carolina

Finding GTO 2000 to work with has changed my life. When I first thought about becoming an agent for someone, there were three requirements. 

1. They must pay the trucks in a timely manner (I was tired of having trucks say they wouldn’t work for my company because of slow payment.) 

2. They must pay […]

Teresa, Utah

Just got off the phone with Ellen and I want to express to all of you that I know I don’t say it enough, but THANK YOU all for being the company that you are and making our job so easy and, once again, enjoyable. You all don’t know what you have made us feel […]

Marge, Georgia

I look forward to getting started with this new system and new opportunities. I have already received one phone call from an agent in TX looking for my input and assistance in rail…just what I wanted to see. Everyone has been wonderful so far, and I believe I made the right decision in becoming an […]

Kurtis, Texas

Today is the day I have waited for since I started with GTO 2000. I have my 1st load pick up and will be delivered in the morning. Thank you for your support and your calls.

Amy, Ohio

GTO goes above what I expected. Everyone is so helpful. I feel that I am part of a team. This company really knows how to take care of the agents. The corporate office has some great, dedicated employees that really know how to get the job done. I came to this company with no customers, […]